Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hillary rules the world

this is a message from the wonderful master of the universe Hillary.

you shall bow to my every command.

you shall do my laundry, bring me food and iced beverages.

you shall go get me a new car and drive me into town everyday and take me shopping.

you will do as i command.

repeat after me:

i will serve the wonderful, merciful and beautiful master of all: Hillary

i want to do everything that is in my power to please my great new master Hillary

i will give all that i can give to my perfect master Hillary


  1. This is what I get for letting her check emails on my computer while I'm logged into WordPress...

  2. ah, servant, bring me more iced tea, i'm in my room, ruling the world from my bed.

  3. hehe. pretty sneaky...good for a chuckle tho :)

  4. Good try Hillary!

  5. Remind me never to let her use our computers next time she visits.