Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Sky Is Blue, The Birds Are Singing, The Air Is Warm And Fresh

So why do I feel particularly unmotivated and lethargic?

Maybe I'm still needing to catch up from last weekend's wild and woolly time.

Maybe it's that birthday proving that 46 is the new 90.

Maybe it's the dust allergy bringing on fuzzy-head-syndrome.

Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed. Or stopped. Or kick-started.

Or something.

I should set myself some goals...

Or just crack the whip at my lard butt and DO some of the things that I know need doing.

Do you realize that I still haven't really unpacked from Surrey?! I've done the laundry, but the suitcases are still sitting open on floor and chair, gaping at me with zipper toothed grins.


No  motivation.

A headache on the fringes...

I think the best thing might be to get the cushions for the porch swing out of the garage and just go bask in the sunshine a bit and listen to the birds.

With a cup of tea.

Or Irish coffee...


  1. My suitcase sounds like your suitcase. There it sits on the bedroom floor. My laundry is also done. I have almost two more weeks before Leo is home - tow weeks to get that suitcase out of there. And then there will be only three more weeks till I pack it up again - hardly seems worth putting it away.

  2. Well I did my laundry...only to discover the suitcase still sitting there full of dirty laundry...forgotten, stepped over countless times. I put it all in the basket for next time and actually got the empty suitcase downstairs (not put away though) this afternoon.

    Enjoy the sunshine and the porch swing and the tea!