Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Mom!" I heard, "Mom! Mom!"

So even though his shoes were missing and I was sure he was already at the church I went down to check, because it sounded like Micah when he calls me.

An unanswered, quick little tap on Thomas' closed door, when Micah's room was confirmed empty, and I came back upstairs, slightly perplexed.

I heard it again:

"Mom! Mom!"

To the open window this time, as comprehension dawned.

The cows.

It was the cows across the highway.

"Mom! Mom!" indeed.


  1. Funny. Duncan is convinced that every Fall the geese call to him as they fly over, "Dunc! Dunc!".

  2. Funny! Nice to be needed, even if only by cows.

  3. Our dog says Mom too!!!!