Wednesday, June 3, 2009

That Was More Than I Bargained For

But the plays were all very nice.

I read about the Drama presentation on Micah's school calendar, and then found out last night that Micah, himself, was to be in one of the plays.

So I went over, having been told that his play was about half an hour.

The thing started at 1:30.

Micah's play started at 2:30.

He neglected to mention the six or seven other little plays that were happening before his.

But they were very cute. Several class' takes on fairy tales, with some clever twists and fun set changes.

Not the way I'd planned to spend my afternoon, but a good afternoon nonetheless.

Now if I could get rid of this cracking headache before we leave for our evening outing... it's not splitting yet, but it's been cracking for most of the day. One more round of drugs and then we go.


Oh- and the quote of the day from Micah's play?

"Seeing as how he's lazy and a bit dim-witted, maybe he could become a priest."

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