Monday, July 6, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well

Is what I was going to say.

Because the day that started so badly ended much better than it began.

That rather miserable morning turned into a fairly miserable afternoon which in turn led to a depressing evening.

We had such a slow, late start to the day that it was nearly 1:00 pm before we were ready to think about doing anything, and by then it felt like no one had the motivation to make any magic happen.

And so nothing really did. The afternoon just sort of wore away.

Then Randall was reminded of the "men's night out" supper in Wetaskiwin, and so, in an effort to salvage the day, (and get the groceries I needed for the next couple of days), it was decided that I would go along.

He was going to drop me off at our favourite Chinese food place, and I would dine with my latest book, then walk over to IGA for the groceries.

A bright spot in an otherwise dreary, disappointing day.

But, as we drove up the street to the restaurant, we were a little concerned by the lack of vehicular presence.

Sure enough.

There was a sign on the door informing all and sundry that the restaurant is closed until some much later time in July.

It seemed the perfect miserable ending to a perfectly miserable day.

I told him to just drop me off at the restaurant across the highway from the Safeway, and I'd eat something there and then go across for the groceries.

As it happens,

I was taken to a little table for two (which became my table for one) beside the window.

That was nice.

I saw "Ginger Beef" on the menu, and decided to go with that, as my brain was still in Chinese food mode.

It was very nice.

I splurged on a piece of New York Cheesecake with huckleberry topping with my coffee after supper.

That was also nice.

I read my book in peace, ate a lovely meal feeling fairly incognito as I finally took my glasses off so I could read properly which made all those around me blur into indistinct non-entities.

It was raining, as I had predicted it would (what else, after such a day?!) so I read as I waited for Randall outside under the shelter in front of the restaurant.

He dropped me off at Safeway and went to run an errand at another store.

It's a good book, (Inkspell- the sequell to Inkheart) and it relaxed all the discouragement out of my day. It made waiting, both at the restaurant and again at the grocery store when I was finished nearly half an hour before Randall was, a restful affair.

I thought I should let the blogosphere know that the day ended much better than it began. (thus the title of the post)

And so it did.

And then I came, turned on the computer, was just getting ready to start up WordPress to write this post,

And I got a big "Virus has been found" notice. A Trojan, no less. (I really have no idea what that means, but Randall was all over it.)

So... All's Mostly Well That Ends Well.

And tomorrow's another day.


  1. Hi Lauralea,
    You can be thankful that you don't have to go to work, and get to stay home. I have had the last 4 days off, and it is nice. Back to work tomorrow.

  2. Oh, I am, Jan, I am.

  3. A good book is often the remedy...will have to check out those books.