Monday, July 6, 2009

Setting A New Direction

This will NOT set the tone for my day.

Just because we fetched Thomas from the bus depot at 10:30 last night and so didn't get to bed until well after midnight,

And just because I woke up at ten past seven this morning and so got up to take my iron pill,

And just because I couldn't go back to sleep again in spite of a wannabe fatigue headache  because Randall seems to have congested airways and was breathing on me and my stomach started cramping up from hunger but I can't eat for another twenty minutes because I have to wait for the iron to be absorbed (on an empty stomach is best),

And just because I came to grumble about it and the Internet was down so I had to go to the basement to reboot the Internet...

Doesn't mean it's going to be a bad day.


I will merely wait out the time, go make a couple pieces of toast, see about poking Randall so he switches sides and isn't breathing on my pillow anymore...

And I'll try again.

For a little day-off-and-everyone-is-sleeping-in morning nap.

And then I'll wake up again at 9:30 and my heart will be sunny and we'll start this day again with non-grumpy blood sugar levels and no headache.

Yes we will.

Griping complete.

1 comment:

  1. Aw. I was waiting for you to go:


    at the end. But then I remembered that it probably wouldn't make sense to you, and I'm probably just getting bitter because I'm tired of reading HTML/CSS and trying to learn the "new" XML script writing so I can make a new blog template that doesn't look retarded and still works with blogger's widgets.

    I digress...

    I hope your day gets better.
    Our weather is nice and cozy, cloudy and cool, so it's perfect for a grouchy, tired day. Suits me just fine.