Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting ready to go to Camrose...

Getting ready to go to Camrose. I have a yen for the used bookstore. Half an hour to be good to go should do it.

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  1. speaking of old books...I was out poking around in one of our old barns with a friend a couple weeks ago and found an old (rather tattered) school book from 1911 - Regional Geography, Africa and Australasia.
    Found a second book with 'Battle River S.D. 1915' written in it...a novel "Handy Andy: A Tal of Irish Life by Samuel Lover" (not bad shape)
    And a third book - this one appears to be a devotional or something like a foreign language, perhaps German. The only date I can see in it is 1900, but it looks much newer than that..
    Anyway - I thought of you and Randall immediately and your love of old books.
    You will have to come over and have a look at them...or I could bring them to you.