Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?

It used to be that when the neighbours made annoying noises- loud singing, laughing, talking, (usually following the normal warning signs of many vehicles clogging their driveway and the street in front of their house), accompanied by the drinking of alcoholic beverage galore-

Well, we knew who to call.

It generally took them far too long, in our sleep deprived opinion, to get there, but they would eventually arrive.

The noise makers would tone it down long enough to hold a conversation with the invading constabulary forces, and then resume normal proceedings as soon as the police car was out of ear shot.

But when the neighbours happen to be of a bovine persuasion

And when the noise they make is, (I'm hoping!) normal animal noise

What can you do?

We've been told that some of it might be due to "separation anxiety" as calves are being weaned from their mothers, and that if there's a bull in the vicinity it could account for the rest of the grievous bellowing and misery.

And I thought the field was such a quiet place.

Silly me.

* * * * *

When there's noisy food

In the neighbourhood

Who ya gonna call?


I ain't afraid of no cow.

* * * * *


  1. Mr. Smith the butcher?

    Nice rhyme Laura.

    We used to get a lot of animal noises too, although in recent years British farming has been hit so hard there is little livestock around here now.

    We used to hear sheep around mid-morning and would sometimes be woken by cows giving birth. Now the worst aural intrusion comes from birds (and believe me, it can be VERY intrusive sometimes. It was so bad this spring that in order to sleep after 4am we had to keep the windows shut.

  2. I suppose a positive aspect of life at a northern latitude is that our birds don't get obnoxious until about 4:45.

    And the days are already beginning to shorten, so they're starting to sleep in a bit.

    : )