Saturday, July 25, 2009


Nearly washed my iron pill down with the vanilla.

Yeah. Not quite awake I guess.

And I don't suppose they'll appreciate those muffins I got up early to make either.

Not enough.

Unless they remember that I walked all around the yard last night, climbing up and down scary thistle covered rises and in and out of thorn laden bushes to pick the wild Saskatoon and raspberries that went into those muffins.

Or if they realize I made them with all white flour and sugar.

Maybe when they understand that I got up at 6:45 on a Saturday morning (because some of them said they were starting work at 8:00) to make them fresh berry muffins that I won't be helping them eat...

How do I love they? Let me count the ways:

One berry muffin, two berry muffins, three berry muffins, four berry muffins...


  1. A pill with vanilla!! That's funny!

    I would LOVE and totally APPRECIATE those muffins you are describing. Raspberry muffins are my absolute favorite.

    I still think you are the best Mom ever.


    (or just go to "" and type "chocolate chip muffins" in the search bar.)

    I use this recipe for chocolate chip, blueberry and this morning's raspberry muffins. Just substitute your fruit of choice.

  3. ahh...what we don't do for those we love...and adventure.

  4. The image of you, wandering the field, carrying a wicker basket, maybe wearing a floppy hat, picking berries (kinda like Little House on the Prairie) makes me smile! But the actual using of white flour and sugar, too! I hope they appreciate your dedication. I can almost smell those fresh muffins way back here!