Thursday, July 30, 2009

My (Happy) Mistake

There is a big bush in the yard that had very pretty flowers this spring.

I wondered, when it was in bloom, what kind of a bush/tree it was.

When it started showing signs of fruitage, I really started keeping an eye on it.

As it appeared to be a cranberry bush, I was regularly checking the berries so I could beat the birds to them when they were ready to go.

Yesterday it seemed that some of the berries were ripe for the picking, so ice cream pail in hand I went out to see what was what.

When a taste test revealed sweet berries instead of the sour cranberry I was expecting I did a little Internet research.

Turns out that the Nanking Cherry tree that used to be here and was chopped down IS still here and Wasn't.


I'm thinking jelly. Thomas is thinking more of the ice cream sauce I made for supper last night.

I expect it will be both. I may have to get the freezer (that we brought with us and is in the garage and not to be confused with the freezer that is in the utility room downstairs and which came with the house) cleared off and started up so that I can process them after our week off.

A sweet surprise that was.

Very nice indeed.

Nanking cherries


  1. If I don't see you before - have a good time off!!

  2. Ah, lauralea, how I do wish I loved cooking and baking as you.and I know my husband does too.

  3. Yeah... my people should be quite glad I like what I do.

    Hillary is home for the weekend and we watched a movie while we pitted those cherries to make a pie. 2 hours it took the two of us to get 4 cups of pitted Nanking cherries! But the pie was sure good!

    : )

  4. Nanking cherry jelly is the BEST!! Our family's all time favorite, hands down! Now, if only I had some too.... I used to pick them from my boss' place in the city. I even started a few new trees at our other house. Sadly I have to start over and driving an hour and a half to go pick them is really too far, no matter how wonderful they are! :) ENJOY!!

  5. Yep, the pie was great and the sauce was nice too.

    Like I told you, God does like you.

  6. My mom used to make "spitting cherry" pie. Not to be served to guests - but really good, and much, much less labour.