Sunday, August 2, 2009

And Awaaay We Go

Randall's week off starts tomorrow, so we'll be heading to Saskatchewan.

We were going to take Hillary to her drop off point and continue on, but she has to be there very early, so it sounds like Randall will take her and then come back for the rest of us.

Gracious of him, but I'm just realizing that it will add about 4 hours to his driving day. Maybe I should go light a fire under Micah and try to be ready to GO at 7:00 am...

Ah, well.

So the week begins.

It will be a long one, I'm thinking, with a lot of driving and probably only enough visiting to leave everyone feeling cheated of us and wanting more.

At least we can come home to The Field and relative peace and quiet.

And 10 pounds of Nanking Cherries to process. (but that's an enjoyable prospect)

I'm hoping (once again) that the iron pills soon start to take effect.

This continues to be a source of frustration for me. There was a month on the huge iron suppliments, (3 a day) then a blood test and down to 2 pills a day. After 3 weeks on the reduced dose I got the blood test results to find that there had only been a slight improvement on the ferritin numbers. (from 5 to 8; still well below the 20-25 it should be). NOW I'm back to 3 a day. Well, 4 actually, if my stomach can handle it. I'm not sure how that will go, but I'll give the 4 my best shot.

I have an appointment for this week's 6 month routine blood work results (plus another ferritin check) when I get back from our mini vacation. I hope we soon get this figured out. Like I told the Doctor on Tuesday, we need to find out why I have such low ferritin before I end up bald.

But, besides falling hair, fatigue is still an issue, so rather than sitting here at 11:00 pm when a busy week looms on the horizon, I should probably wrap it up and head to bed. In theory I could sleep in a bit, but I know myself, and myself will be up well before My Girl and My Man leave at 7:00 am in order to make herself a lunch and see that she has breakfast.

And then I'll pack and get ready.

I'll have my cell phone, so you may get some holiday twitter updates.

Oh- my Facebook Scrabble games will probably be wanting of attention, so don't despair. Take your time finding a really good word. I'll be back next week to extract my pound of flesh.

In twelve hours we'll be on our way.

Hmm... if it takes me an hour and a half to be showered, dressed, coiffed, and fed... and if it takes half an hour to make five lunches... and if it takes an hour to find/decide on what I'm bringing and pack... and a half hour to get Thomas' first alone supper going in the slow cooker... and at least half an hour to actually get to bed...

I'd better get a move on or there won't be enough time left to sleep.

This week's vacation will be brought to you by Trooper:

"We're here for a good time, not a long time. So have a good time, the sun can't shine every day."

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