Friday, September 4, 2009

Hard To Believe

Twenty-two years ago today, Johanna Joy made me eligible for the Family Tax Credit.

Also Mother's Day cards.

Randall said it well over at his place, but I thought I should honour the day too.

Well, that and I'm continuing today's unproductive streak. Although I'm sure blogging about my awesome daughter can't be considered unproductive.


22 years old.

My Baby Girl is 22 years old.

She was well named: "God's gracious gift" and "Delight".

Being Johanna's Mom really is a delight. Because she really has been a gift.

It's nice to know that she's been able to take all my mistakes, failings, missteps and bungling and still turn out to be a creative, intelligent, wise and witty person.

Happy Birthday, my Girl.

You are amazing and I'm so very, very proud of you.

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