Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One Out Of Three Ain't Bad

Goals of the week, that is.

Monday-Tuesday was for overnight company. Friends from P.A.

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, that is, for all you non-Canadians.

It was good.

Now I'm all set to go pick apples this afternoon. That would be the second goal.

So, one down, one almost down, and one more to go.

The last big thing on the horizon will be the hardest.

Hillary gets home Saturday evening and then Sunday after Church Randall will drive the two College bound kids up to school. I'm glad we had Thomas all summer and I'm glad Hillary had that long weekend at the end of July, but I will be sad to see them go.

Ah, well.

Best not live into the sad, dreary, childless future. At least we still have Micah.

The rest of today is for apples. And that's enough.


  1. Hey there - speaking of apples...are you still interested in the crab apples? I have tons of beautiful red ones, if you are.