Friday, September 25, 2009

"Hi, Mrs. Friesen!"

We redeemed the Boston Pizza gift certificate tonight, and bumped into a couple of church families.

You know you live in a small town when...

One of my little friends came over to say Hi with her Dad, and while he and Micah were comparing notes on tomorrow's football game, Callah and I had our own conversation:

"You should get some children."

"I have children, they're just all big. Micah's my child."

"Oh. You should get some girls."

"I have two girls! They're just big."

I guess big children just don't cut it, some days. Especially when they don't play with Ponies and their Barbies are put away.

It's nice to have little friends, even if I have big children.

Also nice to know that people think I'm young enough to get "real" children.

Even if people are only 5.

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  1. Hey, and if it makes you feel better, Olivia & I were looking at some pictures online yesterday and I pointed to a picture of you and said, "Do you know who that is?" and Olivia got a little look in her eye and whispered, "Lauralea". It was pretty cute.

    You sure you and Randall don't want one or two other little people of your own around???