Saturday, September 26, 2009

So it's 11:00 pm...

So it's 11:00 pm & I've just turned on the oven to bake the 2 loaves of bread I forgot were rising on the stove. Stupid non-memory.

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  1. Baking after midnight is when I am most productive but that is perhaps an effect of all the crazy nights I tend to work.
    Hi, we just upgraded our internet so I have time to actually surf the web.
    So I have a new email address as you can see.
    You do make be smile. We have been childless for the weekend, kids are at Clear lake for a fall retreat. Hanne is at Povidence this year so I am adjusting to not having her hear.
    Wonderingi if you will be at the retreat...if so looking forward to a visit.
    Time to get ready for church.