Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And For My Next Trick

So... we all know that any klutzy behaviour exhibited by my children probably has its roots deep in the back pocket of  my genes...

And I've had my fair share of stupid mishaps...

This morning I discovered that my legs DO INDEED bend that way.

Well, this one bent that way and that one bent the other way.

More correctly, the left foot slipped left when I stepped out onto the porch this morning to continue the conversation I was having with Micah as we watched for the bus through the fog, and then the little door mat under my right foot slipped right,

Resulting in an awkward sideways split.

I'm afraid I may have swore a little.


And then Micah had to lift me off the deck and lean me against the side of the house.

Where I rested until I could shuffle back to the relative safety of indoors.

He asked what I was going to do... I said go sit in a chair until I can move again. Maybe after finding some drugs on the way.

That's gonna hurt.


That hurts.

I guess that's why they're called "slippers", and why they should only be worn indoors.

It's okay.

You can laugh if you want to.


  1. Oh no! (And yes, I did laugh, but just a little.)

    But you can laugh at me trying to do yoga last night in my moccasins. There was a point where I realized there's a reason why people do yoga in bare feet and not in 10 year old, slippery moccasins. :) And it was not pretty.

  2. No laughing here - just emapthetic shakes of the head at the realisation that we're not as young as we used to be.

  3. That said, I do hope you're okay...

  4. I'm sorry - I had a good laugh...not about the slipping, but about the swearing...and the image of Micah picking you up and leaning you against the side of the house.
    Feel free to laugh at me when next I fall..cuz it's sure to happen.

  5. It was actually that image- of Micah leaning me against the side of the house like a rake or a broom that made me laugh while I was writing.

    Laugh it off- we always told the kids when they did Mommy-esque things. Laugh it off.

  6. And actually that word isn't officially a swear out here in The Field. It's a bodily function of the cattle.


  7. You said "manure" !!! For shame!

    Take it easy. Gymnastics is for the very young and double jointed.