Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maybe It's Like Bringing An Umbrella

The whole, "when  you're prepared it doesn't happen" thing.

I'm hoping so, anyway.

Part of my quick-trip-to-town agenda was re-stocking the shelves for The Flu.

Randall's bout this weekend, (which he's still getting over, although he's much better than he was three days ago) depleted our stores of  Acetaminophen, apple juice and ginger ale.

I've been feeling on the verge for a couple of days now too, although I'm not ruling out just plain old fatigue together with the inflamed joints I've been entertaining for over a month already.

So, with flu season looming, nay breathing down our necks, I was a little anxious to get the shelf replenished.

It is good to have the supplies in hand/fridge/pantry (as the case may be) for next week's MOPS (I agreed to give "Food Coordinator" a try) and to have the ginger ale, apple juice, crackers and pain relievers hidden away for the next poor schmuck to be hit by a virus at our house.

I was also able to score a very nice "tisane".

In the past I've been able to buy sugar-free apple cider packets, but I've had no luck this year. Today I thought of looking for a cinnamon-apple tea, and the one Randall finally spotted (after I'd been staring at the shelf for at least five minutes) is very good. More cinnamon-y than apple-y, but enough of the apple to make it an acceptable substitute for the hot drink I've been craving.

So, I'm ready for the next bug attack, I'm ready to get baking for MOPS next week and I'm liking my pseudo-cider.

Here's hoping your day is as productive.


This blogpost brought to you by Celestial Seasonings cinnamon apple spice Herbal Tea.


  1. Cranberry Apple Zinger is also on the top of my favorites list for apple cider wannabes.

    And then there's always Celestial Seasonings wonderful Blueberry tea - can't top that one. Although that's got nothing to do with Apple Cider

    Or Stash - Mango Passionfruit. Mmmmmmm. Nope, not cider either.

    Hmm, I should make a cup.

    But first, let me finish my morning coffee.

  2. I almost got that one; (Cranberry Apple Zinger) but then Randall saw the Cinnamon Apple, so I'm starting with that. Maybe the Cranberry Apple will be next...