Friday, October 23, 2009

COMPLETELY Ready For Flu Season

The pantry is stocked.

The medicine cabinet is stocked.

The ginger ale is hidden away.

The flu shot has been administered.

Bring it.


  1. yeah? u guys got the flu shot? we were just talking bout that at supper...should we or shouldn"t we?

  2. I got the a flu shot. Randall's trying to convince me that since he's had the flu now he'll be immune... but I'm going to try to talk him into getting the shot anyway.


  3. Hoping to beat the flu this winter too. Got my regular flu shot at noon today. H1N1 will get in a week or so.

    A flu shot is such a small pain compared to the real thing.

    And Randall should listen to his wife!

  4. I'm getting my flu jab today as well ! And I'll get the swine flu one when it arrives - even though I've had flu already.

    Who knows what mutant viruses are multiplying out there just waiting for me to share around everyone I meet ?!

  5. alright already.

    people smarter than i think i should get it.

    So i will.

    Now, where do i go for that then?

  6. I'll phone the Doctor's office on Monday and get you an appointment; either with the Doctor, who gave me my shot, or for the next flu clinic. Done and done.

  7. Feeling got at Randall ?! And not even on your own blog !

  8. Good man Randall!
    Just checked the schedule a few minutes ago - cut it out of the paper last week - next flu shot: Tuesday, Oct. 27 9:00am-4:00pm....maybe Aaron and I will see you there. There are a few clinics in Nov. as well...and then there's the H1N1 coming.