Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Longer In De Nile. Moving On To D' Euphrates

Managed to muddle through yesterday's Open House.

I think it went well, in spite of my head.

I snuck into the Clinic on Thursday before the grocery shopping, and the Doctor I saw gave me a round of antibiotics to combat the sinus infection that was, at that point, still on the left side of my face.

By yesterday morning the infection was on the move, and by the time I woke up this morning, feeling like every kind of terrible, it was well established in my chest as well as both sides of my face.

I'm still hopeful that the antibiotics will catch up and kick it before very long.

By tomorrow morning so I can sing, would be nice. It's our Carol Sunday, when we hear the stories of the carols and then sing them.

Ah, well.

Life goes on.

Open House went well- around 55  old and new friends came over for cider and cookies.

Half of our absentee children found their way home.

The decorating is done.

The Christmas baking is done.

The poinsettias are still living.

And I'm confident that my disease will soon go the way of 2009.

As soon as we get the gifts purchased we'll be good to go.

Merry Christmas!

Let the joy begin.

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  1. 'been thinkin' of you all day - hope you can rest and get well quickly. Last night was very fun. Thank you.