Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It Feels Like It Has Been A Long Day

I spent the day baking, and really, I guess, I got quite a bit done.

We're having our Christmas Open House on Friday (from 3:00-9:00 pm, at the corner of Secondary Highway 822 and Township Road 442...) so I worked at the decorating a bit yesterday, and focused on the baking today.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll catch a ride to town and do the shopping... and the rest of the time- tomorrow morning and Friday morning, will be for last minute cleaning.

Today would have felt much less long if I hadn't gone to bed with a growing heaviness in my face. All my kitchen endeavours have been complicated by much nose blowing and hand washing. (in that order)

Now the minute hand on the clock is inching toward the 12, and it will soon be 7:00. And my face just hurts. At least it seems to be only on one side. But it still hurts- cheekbone, molars, ear, throat... I foresee a second night under the heating pad.

Ah, well.

In a few minutes I'll finish making the rest of the white icing that I'll need to frost the remaining sugar cookies, and maybe I'll get out the white chocolate wafers to see if they can be coloured before being drizzled on the brownies.

Peppernuts are done (about 4 pounds worth), shortbread pinwheels are done, brownies are mostly done. Only a dozen and a half (or so) sugar cookies left to frost.

It will get done, and it will all be good.

Now.  Some Tylenol and then the rest of the sugar cookies.


  1. I hope you feel better this morning, Laura.

  2. Hope the tylenol and the rest of the sugar cookies did the trick ! Face aching here too...