Friday, March 12, 2010

All Fired Up

My clay class projects are complete.

Last night I finished the teapot, and glazed three pieces that were fired during the week.

Fingers crossed the teapot is dry enough for the kiln by Saturday.

The only thing about not having a proper pottery-only studio, is that there doesn't seem to be any provision for extra, non-class-time work.

I asked about the rest of my clay- even doing 9 pieces during the past several weeks has left me with about half a block of clay. Most of what I made was done with rolled slabs, and that doesn't use up terribly much of the stuff.

But, because this isn't an Art Centre, per se, like Prince Albert, where you can buy extra time in the pottery studio for working when you're not taking a class, they haven't thought it through- as far as firing pieces that you do on your own time.

I suggested that since the price of the clay, which I bought here for the class, includes glazing and firing, when something is ready to be fired or glazed there shouldn't be a problem getting it fired or glazed.

Seems no one has thought of that. Or it's never come up.

Anyway. I've got the teacher thinking of ways to get things into the kiln. Hopefully it can be done without signing up for another $80 class. At which point I'll push them on the prices posted on the kiln room door. I could fire two largest kiln loads for $80... that would work out to a lot of pottery. Once to fire it to bisque... and the second for the final glazing.

Ah, well.

No more being potty for a bit, anyway. I have several lighter, more restful sewing and knitting projects in mind for the next 6 to 8 weeks.

And a Ladies' Retreat demonstration to finish up before tomorrow, so

If you'll excuse me...

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