Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Really Should Take Down The Wreath

It's getting pretty close to Easter, after all.

And it IS starting to turn brown, if you look long enough to notice.

I suppose the drooping garland should come off the rails too...

And the red bows look mighty pathetic with their forlorn tails flapping in the increasingly Spring-like breeze.


Time change weekend is proabably a reasonable deadline for removing the outdoor Christmas decorations.

I'll get right on that.

As soon as The Boy wakes up.


  1. I walked past our house and saw the lonely front door wreath and it did look so sad, so I added that to my list for this afternoon.

  2. Yeah, I suppose it must be taken down before Easter. Mine too. Plus the one Christmas decoration I sort of forget - except when I happen to look up over the office door.

  3. I'll ask my man to get ours put away tomorrow. Sounds like a reasonable thing for him to do in his "spare" time.:-)

  4. ya well i still have the sleigh and reindeer out front...been waiting for the ground to thaw so i can get the stakes out...
    just stick a couple spring flowers in your wreath...and a purple ribbon and you're good to go for spring!! :)

  5. Can't you just stick coloured eggs, bunnies or flowers to them and keep going?