Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All's Well That Ends Well

Or: "Oops I Did It Again"

I have boiled the pot dry making rice, eggs and potatoes.

Rice was particularly smelly.

Eggs were quite frightening. (I'd put the eggs on to boil, then completely forgot about them until there was a resounding bang from the kitchen- at which point I most assuredly remembered. As my cooking pots were Corel Glass Cookware at the time, I entered ca chambre with no little trepidation, fearing to find shattered pot all over everything. It was not so. Only the eggs were broken; so hard boiled that the shells could no longer contain their overheated cooked-ness. The banging occurred when the eggs exploded inside the covered pot.)

Today it was the potatoes for tomorrow's Irish Potato Rolls.

Potato duly peeled, chopped & covered with the requisite cup and a half of water, and set to boil over fairly high gas heat.

I went to start the laundry & promptly forgot all about it.

Memory came flooding back as I was getting ready to step into the shower, the laundry already having been changed up once. (this would make it about 45 minutes later, at least)

The potato was stuck to the black bottom of the pot, but I was able to salvage it (the pot) with some serious soaking and baking soda on a scrubbie.

At the end of the day the potato rolls got made. Also some green frosted Shamrock sugar cookies and some raisin Penny Buns.

So, all's well that ends well after all.

But I already said that.

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  1. I nearly did the same thing yesterday -- no water left in pot, but I caught it just in time before blackening of pot or potatoes. Phew!