Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And So It Begins?

I got a call from the hospital today.

I've been bumped from the 22 of March to the 31st.

Too close to being a Joke for my liking, but I don't suppose there's a lot one can do about it.

If there's a cancellation I could be in sooner again, and to that end I've kept the pre-admission clinic booking on the 17th, but I'll go in two days before the (now) surgery date for the final blood work and tagging. (When they do the last blood work, they strap the hospital bracelet on and it has to stay there until you're home again.)


I'm hoping that if I've been to the pre-admission clinic that I'll be valid for an earlier cancellation.

Otherwise, I hope this was a one off and they don't start a bad bumping trend.


  1. Sooo sorry but that is life.... in a hospital anyway!

  2. At least you find out now and not just the day of.

    Thinking of you. Praying for you as you wait. Wishing I could come for a visit.