Thursday, March 4, 2010

Triangular Tea Party

This was the last week to make new projects at clay class.

Well, last week was supposed to have been the last week, but the teacher amended that and gave us this evening's class to muck about if we wanted.

With the end in sight, I spent much of my free time this week in the garage making a set of triangular plates- one large and four small.

I thought they'd be a cute tea set and decorated them with carved lilies to match my butter dish. There's a blue glaze that will match the pieces I made in Prince Albert well enough.

By Tuesday I was starting to think that a tea pot might be interesting... a triangular tea pot...

By this morning I had finished the plates and decided to give the tea pot a go.

Although it's after 11:00 and I should be putting my weary bones to bed, I'm still a little too jazzed from class.

I got the tea pot together and nicely cleaned up tonight, finishing what I started at home. I've traced out and started carving the lilies to match the plates.

It looks pretty good.

It's a little wonky, but it's very cool. It's imperfections give it character.

Fingers crossed it holds together and the handle doesn't fall off!

I wonder how triangular tea cups would work...


  1. Pictures please! Sounds fun!

  2. Oh it sounds like you had such a fun day!
    Looking forward to one day stopping by for a spot of tea ... now that would be fun!

  3. pictures are a must!!