Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stats Can

There is a "Site Meter" on my cooking blog.

It's interesting to see who's been coming and where they come from when they visit that site.

I've been nagging Randall about getting a similar thing on this site, and yesterday I was able to get a little glimpse of what kind of activity there's been here.

It's funny, (not in a "haha" sort of way) what knowing you have an audience can do for a person.

I was thinking about it as I walked home from Church this morning.

Yes, I know.

I didn't have very long to think about it.

But I had enough time to wonder what I'm doing here.

Am I more  stand-up comedian or story teller? Is it reality-internet meets Ladies' Home Journal?

People are reading this... but what are they reading and why are they reading and what is the point of it?


I was a little pumped to see that there are numbers. Numbers that represent actual people sitting in front of actual computers actually reading what's written here.

It occurs to me that stats can be illuminating, interesting, and encouraging, as well as motivating and energizing.

I should get back to writing more often...


  1. Does your counter tally those who read via google reader? (like me) Just curious.

  2. Do write often. I feel as if we are not so far away when I read what you are up to.

    Content is sometimes less important.

  3. It's true. But I tend to be wary of numbers because of the number of bots or other automated things out there. Comments, and interaction, are my preferred gauge of site activity... it's definitely less encouraging though. :)

  4. I'm mostly with Linea on this one. Come here to find out how you guys are and see what Randall isn't saying.

  5. Please keep writing; since you guys never call, it's the only way Nana and I get news about your life!