Monday, March 8, 2010

Item One

Make a list.

I'm a list person.

When I'm planning to pack for a trip I make lists.

Going to town this week?

Make a list.

Company coming?

Make a list.

Thinking about cooking Christmas dinner?

Make a list.

Several appointments on the calendar?

Make a list of lists to make.

Then make a bunch of lists.

This week there are a few things going on, which means my brain is mulling over what I need to do to make it through to Sunday.

Which means lists.

My lists tend to be made on pieces of paper... foolscap, old envelopes, newspaper  margins, backs of grocery store receipts... if it was once part of a tree and it has a blank spot it's fair game.

I've started using the Ipod for grocery lists, but for other list writing, I prefer paper.


This is a big week.

The first scrap will list all my events, projects and commitments.

From that list will grow sub-lists which will include a detailed breakdown of each event, project and commitment so as to guarantee it's successful completion.

If my head feels too full and I begin to doubt my ability for clear thinking, there will be a mini menu list floating around the kitchen and a little household chore list stuck to the front of the fridge.


First thing tomorrow, after breakfast and getting Micah on the bus and having a shower and getting dressed and doing my hair,

I will make a list.

Or two.

Maybe more.

But for now

I think I'll go build a Sims 2 house...

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  1. I love lists. I love making lists. I love crossing items off lists. I love paper lists... but I also have started embracing my iPod notes.