Sunday, March 21, 2010

Living In The Moment

The other day I was thinking about living in the moment. I can't remember exactly how my train of thought went... suffice it to say that my loco was in motion and I eventually arrived at the station.

Anyway,  "living in the moment"...

It occurs to me that the people I know who are best at living in the moment are children.

The younger they are, the better their ability to do it.

Upon reflection, I wonder if it isn't a child's innocence that allows, ultimately, for "living in the moment".

Living in the present- in the moment, requires a certain ability to leave the past in the past, and the grace to live untroubled by what may come in the future.

Children are so very NOW.

When a child loses her faith in the immediacy of this moment- when pain from the past clouds the present and fear distorts the future, innocence is lost.

Yesterday's memories, and anxious anticipation become a weight that is dragged through today.

Poverty, displacement, abuse... all these things rob a child of his innocence; gone is the joy of living in the moment.

Maybe that's why the taking of a child's innocence is such a horrendous offense.

Perhaps that's why, as parents, it's hard to see our children "grow up" and learn to be concerned about the road ahead. We mourn the loss of our own ability to live in the moment and wish those we love could hold on to it for just a little longer.

Is it possible to regain some of that child-like innocence?

Jesus said that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we had to become like children. Maybe that's what he meant.

To give it all up- let go of the painful past.

Stop worrying about the future.

Live gracefully in the present.

Maybe it's possible to really "live in the moment".

Or maybe it's just simple minded to think it's possible.


Maybe I don't mind being simple minded.


  1. I've always been someone that 'lives in the moment', but let me tell you, it's much easier with full health and an energetic body that will respond when you demand it. Maybe there's a reason that we don't live in the moment so much as adults, and it's not all bad.

  2. It is possible. Very hard to do...'specially if one wants to do it consistently.
    It seems impossible and most would not give it a moments thought, but it is and they should.
    I wonder if the key is being so focused on trusting Jesus, you don't even realize you're living in the moment...

  3. Living in the moment? Easier said than done. Yes, we do have to focus on Jesus, all the time. Still, it is easier said than done. What you said, Lauralea, absolutely right on.

  4. It is a beguiling practice that I have fallen in and out of for a while now. And I believe it really is a "practice", something that, due to its repetition, becomes a way of life.

    I really like what you have said, Lauralea. If we bring the past with us, it hinders our potential for the "now", as does looking into the future. I know the past shapes us but we cannot let it lead us especially if the past has a great amount of saddness and anger and bitterness. it has taken me ever so long to come to this realization.

    It is good to remember that God does provide for our "daily" bread...and he tells us not to worry about the future. As you have said, he provides us grace for the moment...for today.

    Good thoughts Lauralea!!!! Thanks.

  5. In one of my bibles I wrote... years ago.....
    "God loves me ... it is that simple"
    at times He reminds me of that child like faith.

  6. Now you know why I work with 3 and 4 year olds! It's so easy to remember that simple fact, God loves me. All I have to do is watch my students to appreciate living in the now. How important is organizing and arranging my life, long term... just look at the children. Thanks for reminding me again how blessed I really am!