Friday, March 26, 2010

On A Day Like Today

(we pass the time away, writing love letters in the sand...)

I'm not THAT old, honest. I think I was just born in the wrong decade.

Ah, yes.


Yesterday has been survived.

It was MOPS morning, which means first one in the kitchen, and often last one out again.

It felt more relaxed than it has yet. It could just be a comparison thing- last month we did the "tea party" and nachos thing, which involved many more dishes, and much more strategic planning. (to get 6 plates of  nachos baked & 6 pots of tea steeped at the same time, ON time)

This month the theme was Family/Living with Extended Family, and everyone on the planning committee brought a  favourite/important family recipe to share for the snack.

This meant much less stress for me, as far as preparation goes. It was a very fun snack idea, and went nicely.

Yesterday was also coffee house night at the church.

When I was asked to bring dessert for it I didn't clue into the Thursday night aspect. For some reason I had Friday on my brain. I don't think I cottoned on until Sunday afternoon.

Last night was also the final pottery night. We had do go over to pick up the last of our pieces.

In the end, with a little Kitchen Aid magic, I was able to get some pizza dough rising and have a 2 hour nap between MOPS and the evening.

I'll bet no one even knew I was gone for most of the concert at the church. We had a quick supper, I made the lemon sauce for the gingerbread, then zipped over to drop off the cake before grabbing a bag and some towels (for wrapping pottery) and making a run for town.

I was home and back at the church for the last 2 songs, in time to help with clean-up.

And the pottery?

Well, the teapot holds water and pours pretty well. The plates are quite pretty, and a good time was had by all. I'll see what I can do about breaking my "photo free zone" policy to show off the triangular teapot.

The disappointment was that the carving got pretty much covered by the glaze. I took a few pre-glazed pictures with my cell phone, but I'm not even sure I can get them off the phone and onto the blog. If it's possible I'll show you the lovely (if I do say so myself) carved lilies that festooned the plates and pot.

The flowers are almost visible if you hold the pieces to the light in just the right way. I joked that they were phantom flowers... visible in the right light, when the wind is from the east and the coyotes are howling in the west... and if you hear the church bells ringing, run for your life, because the church doesn't have bells.

It sounds like they'll do another course in the fall, so I'll see about that.

My Mom also said I could bring her kiln home with me the next time we're there. It's a small one (which will hopefully fit in the car somewhere) but with a cubic foot of interior space I could do enough to keep me potting quite happily.

And on with the day.

Will that be one lump or two?


  1. You really need to put up some pictures of your pottery. You could get dad to take a bunch and then make a set on his Flickr. Just so you have a set somewhere of your "portfolio" (and so I can see them and tell you what I want you to make me for Christmas next year).

  2. Just a little honey if you have...
    Please a picture would be great and so great that you will have your own kiln....

  3. I do hope you manage to post a couple pictures of your pottery.