Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Ringy Dingy... Two Ringy Dingies...

I was glad I ignored the phone this morning when it rang.

Well, lately I just ignore it. I can't get out of bed or into the kitchen with my usual spring and zip, so if the phone is ringing and it's you phoning, don't take it personally. Just leave a message when the opportunity presents itself and I WILL check the messages when I finally get to the phone.


The problem with not getting up as early as per usual, is that sometimes the phone rings before I'm awake these days.

If the bathroom fan is on and I'm dead asleep I won't hear it, but during that in between time when my brain is starting to send signals to the rest of the machinery, and I'm not quite as asleep as I could be...

Well, I hear the phone ringing.

I don't hear the kitchen phone ringing, because it's too far away from the bedroom if the door is closed and the bathroom fan is on.

But our bedroom is right beside the garage... and there's a phone in the garage, just beside the bed, on the other side of the wall.

The other thing, is that there are two phone lines coming into the house; we have our home number ringing, and the church number. Two lines.

Randall flipped a switch somewhere so that the church phone doesn't ring in the kitchen anymore, but the garage phone and the cordless phone still ring when someone phones the church.

The beauty of that is, of course, that the Pastor can be home for lunch or an after lunch nap if it's been an early morning or late night, and if someone's looking for him at the church he can answer the phone from home.

All that to say... I don't know. I forget.

Oh, yeah.

I was glad I didn't make an effort to answer the phone when it rang this morning, because it turns out it was the church phone anyway. Not for me at all.

Is there a point to this ramble...?

Mm... don't think so.

Maybe it's a public service announcement- if you're phoning me, leave a message.

Should I also mention that we don't have call display?

Nor call waiting. (But don't get me started on that)

It is at this point that I would insert a smiley face icon were this a text message...

Ah, yes.

When the phone started ringing this morning before I was fully awake I thought of the old Lily Tomlin Telephone Lady sketches on Laugh In, (which I'm sure I wasn't allowed to watch... I expect I saw them in reruns...)

One Ringy-Dingy... Two Ringy Dingies...

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