Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To


Although it's my birthday, and there IS a party tonight, it's a Youth Fundraising Banquet, and I'm not feeling remotely motivated to weep.

So far it's been a good day.

And it's a good age to be, depending on who you ask.


A lovely non-event year.

And as long as no one makes a spectacle of me at the banquet tonight, the day has the potential to end as well as it began.

In lieu of flowers send bedding plants.

Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers...

...I need to grow salsa and pickles.



Although there was a slump in the afternoon, the day picked up CONSIDERABLY when the guys gave me some presents before the banquet tonight.

From Micah: "The Sound Of Music" DVD- love it.

From Randall: Two tickets to the Simon and Garfunkle concert on Saturday night in Edmonton!!! WooHoo!!!

After that, even the slight spectacle I became at the banquet was completely bearable. Especially as the singing of the birthday song was accompanied by a Cappuccino Cheesecake with a candle on top...

Thank  You to everyone who has sent wishes and cards and warm fuzzies and gifts...

It's been a great birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday, Laura.

  2. Simon and Garfunkel? Wow, that's a great gift! You're going to have so much fun. Happy Birthday!

  3. Avery Happy Birthday to you.

  4. What a lucky woman - Simon and Garfunkel!

  5. Oh, you fortunate forty-seven year old! Wave to the two old fellas and tell them I wished I were there...

    Just watched The Graduate on TCM the other night...