Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rain Check


We're on our own again for a few days.

It's that Conference time of year.

In Calgary this go around.

The weather was crap and the roads the same, so the part of me that would have had to sit for several hours in the detour is glad I didn't go along.

In other news Paul and Art are postponing their concert for a couple of months. Not sure how that will work; if we'll also postpone our holidays or spend the first week schlepping around the house so we're here for the rescheduled concert...

I'm still muddling through. Getting better, I'm sure. I think my biggest pain these days is in the middle of my back. A wicked pinching thing when I sneeze or move the wrong way in bed.

Tomorrow is, happily, a Professional Development day for the Educators in our area, so we can sleep in and take it easy.

I might turn in early tonight. It's been a long day. MOPS at the church.

It looks like the rain/snow is finished for now. There are still clouds on the horizon, but the barometer indicates a turn toward sunshine. The trees and shrubs have started to break forth into little leaves, so a few days of warmer weather should result in a whole lot of greening up.

It's nice and fresh out there, anyway, on account of the precipitation. A very pleasant change from the brown, dry Field it's been.



  1. Enjoy your sleep in. But know that you are missed!

  2. You sound like you need a nice relaxing massage! That'll work out that back pain... maybe that's what I should do too...

    :) Cheer up, hope this rain goes away and you can start enjoying the greenery of spring!
    Have a great day!


  3. Oh- we're not complaining about the rain! It's been so terribly dry that we'll take all the clouds can dish out! It'll take more than two rainy days to catch up from last year and get a little ahead. Nope; the rain is a blessing.

  4. V sorry about the concert....have they fallen out with each other again ? Didn't anyone tell them it was your birthday treat ?

  5. I hear the concerts were postponed because one of them strained their vocal cords.

    I second the relaxing massage! You deserve it :)