Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Eyes Have It

Well, it's unanimous.

I have middle aged eyes.

The last time I got new spectacles I was very deliberate about getting a pair that were narrow enough and that sat high enough on my nose so I could look under them.

For reading the fine print without having to push them up on my forehead in public.

Then I started to notice that things like playing the piano or reading music from a music stand was awkward.

I couldn't see the notes.

With glasses ON, it was a little too close, and things were fuzzy. With glasses OFF it was a little too far and things were fuzzy.


Last night Hillary was using my laptop, so I went to check email on the desktop computer downstairs.

GOOD GRIEF, Charlie Brown.

Could I see?

The monitor, at the back of the computer desk, was at that frustrating distance that makes it impossible to read. Especially when I was sitting a sliding- keyboard- tray- length away from the desk.

I've thought it before, but it was certainly driven home last night when I was looking under my glasses to see the keyboard, then trying to focus over or through my glasses to see the monitor...

That if I had a desk job I would SO be in progressive lenses by now.

Hysterectomy... old eyes... aching bones...

I feel very a-ged since last week at this time...


  1. Progressives are no picnic! It is nice to be able to see occasionally, but the nodding of my head to focus is very distracting to others. AND they think I am agreeing with them! Yikes...
    Here's to LARGE PRINT!! :)

  2. Good light is very important too. I love the progressive lenses - did not like the line of the other type. Trifocals (for me) sure beat the alternative of not being able to read.

  3. "Hysterectomy… old eyes… aching bones…"

    Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.... errr.... good.


    I'm aware my eyes have deteriorated too, and I actually struggle to read the words projected in church these days. Ditto sheet music in poor light. At normal computer screen distances my left eye does all the work. Over about 5 feet my right eye mostly takes over, although the astigmatism doesn't help.

    Aged eyes? You're not alone.

  4. I agree with Linea--progressives are great--and it's great to be able to see everything you want to (even if you have to move your head a bit to do it). And yeah, I hear you about getting older, but the alternative?? I'll take getting older, thank you very much!