Friday, May 7, 2010

Crazy Quilt

Round about noon I realized that tomorrow is the second Saturday of the month, which means that it might be  Quilt Sampler Class day.

I missed last month, being  just two weeks into the recuperation process, but one of my friends picked up the square I missed.

The deal with this class is that it starts in September, and every month until August we're shown a different quilt block. We pay about $7 for the first month, and take home some fabric scraps and an instruction sheet.  If we show up on time with our quilt block finished the second (and subsequent) month, we are given the fabric scraps at no additional charge. If we haven't finished our block, (by either not being in attendance or by just not having it done) we pay $7 for that month/the square we missed.

In theory, one could have 12 quilt blocks for $7.

The reality is that one is most likely to miss a couple of months. I missed December and April... but I must have had to pay for more than 2 months, because there are at least 3 unfinished blocks in the sewing room...

Anyway, when a quick check of the paperwork proved that Quilt day is indeed tomorrow, I thought I'd better have a go at the assigned square.

It's now 10:00 pm and bedtime, and I must confess that I gave up on my square just before supper.

The instructions seemed somewhat convoluted, and I suspect that I may have made at least one mistake cutting out the pieces.

After chatting with probably the most experienced quilter in our group and finding out that it took her two days to get her square sorted, I don't feel as badly about crapping out as I did this afternoon.  I won't have a finished block to bring along, so it'll cost me, but I'm hoping that others besides myself had trouble with it so the teacher will go over the instructions again. It's a nice, if complicated, quilt block, and would be nice to have figured out.

Ah, well.

I'm enjoying learning the finer points of quilt making. Maybe some day I'll even make a whole quilt.

Some day.

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