Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Pedi-Virgin No More

I was given a pedicure for a Birthday treat- my first ever.

Today was the day it worked for everyone.


I loved it.

Well,... except for the filing of the nails (I can't do that on my fingers either, and I suspected I wouldn't like that part),  but it was soon over and the rest was pure luxury.


Although the precipitation outside is an acceptable commodity,

If the temperatures would warm up a bit so that it would continue as rain and stop trying to be snow,

I could dig out some sandal type footwear to show off the "Boris and Natasha" nail polish on my toes

And my newly non-armadillo-like heels...


  1. I love pedicures too. And the filing doesn't bother me one bit. I really should go and get one soon.

  2. I wore flip flops to small group last night...

  3. I find that the cuticle work on the toes sort of hurts/tickles me so I end up flinching and have almost kicked the esthetician a few times. But pedicures are lovely, aren't they? Speaking of pedicures, I should paint my toenails...

  4. I alway say... I am worth it....