Monday, June 14, 2010

Didn't Miss It By THAAAAT Much

Last week a new kid was added to the bus route prompting the bus driver to send a message home with Micah that forthwith the bus would be 5 minutes early.

Not being 100% sure if that meant 5 minutes earlier than the original 7:47 am time, or 5 minutes earlier than the most recent new normal 7:51 am time, I told him to be ready by 7:40 just in case. The new time seems to be about 7:43.

Last week all was well.

And then came Saturday night.

Saturday the church youth gathered at the church camp at Pigeon Lake for a "camp-out". One last kick at the cat, so to speak. Sunday was "Children's Day" at the camp, (the equivalent of a Sunday School Picnic in other church circles), so we got the kids out to camp Saturday afternoon with the understanding that they'd have their party and we would bring them home on Sunday after the Church festivities.

Apparently they didn't sleep much, if at all, on Saturday night.

Am I surprised?

I think Micah was in bed around 7:00 last night, thinking that when he woke up early he would do the homework he couldn't keep his eyes open to focus on.

Good plan, except that he didn't wake up early.

He barely made it to the bus. This is the first time I've seen the driver start to drive away.

Only one more week of classes, he says. And then final exams.

I'll be glad when the summer morning routine can begin.

It doesn't involve near-bus-missing adrenaline rushes.

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