Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Blame The Weather

I mean, it's good  weather, don't get me wrong.

My favourite kind of weather, actually- tending toward being overcast with a threat of rain. Cool, but not overly cold.


I've been feeling particularly slow... almost lazy, but more like... it just takes a while to get onto a thing, and then everything's like wading through treacle...

Dragging myself out of bed in the morning demands huge effort. I'd be content to curl up on the sofa all day  and either stare at the wall or the back of my eyelids while some nice, relaxing Frank Sinatra-esque music plays in the background.

I've had some projects, errands and tasks that have had to be done, and they're getting done... but pretty much every day I've had to remind myself that this is only ____, whichever day it is.

The week has seemed particularly long.

I blame the weather.

I also blame the barometer for the increased pain in my joints- especially  elbows, knees, feet and the finger I sliced open two Christmases ago.

The best part of any hot beverage is holding it cupped in my hands and feeling the ache in my index finger ebbing away. The best part of the morning is the hot, hot shower, which simultaneously wakes me all the way up and warms away about 40 of the extra years I woke up with.

It doesn't fill me with joy that the "Aleve" I took the other day actually helped the pain.

Everything seems to be going at half speed.

It's lovely and gray and broody outside. Things that should be green are super green. Cows and deer look happy as they wander and munch their way through fields and hedgerows.

A hammock would be a good thing.

Or a hot tub.

Or another cup of tea.

I blame the weather.

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