Saturday, July 24, 2010

And When You Start Reorganizing The Book Shelves...

You know it's been a slow week.

Micah's been at camp since Monday, so that's made it quieter around here. 

I didn't think I'd notice his absence too much, since he generally sleeps until noon and then spends all afternoon on the downstairs computer.

But it has been quieter.

The highlight of the weekend was reorganizing the book shelves.

They've been colour coded for a year. Today we re-shelved them according to genre.

It would appear that I lean toward Classical British authors and mystery. The mystery is also predominantly British. Tolstoy and Dostoevsky have a good chunk of shelf as well.

It was interesting to see where our eclectic tastes in literature lie. 

Besides the brief furniture moving episode that followed the book reassigning, it's been a fairly relaxed week.

I'll work on the whole summer non-blogging ennui thing so my next post doesn't have to be titled "What? It's Already Been A Week Since My Last Blog Post?!"

Must be time to start getting ready for bed.

The frogs are singing and the coyotes are yipping.


  1. After your last comment, I feel like yodeling.....:-)

  2. are you coming into the city at all this week? We could do lunch?