Sunday, July 18, 2010

Did I Mention That It's Good To Be Home?

There were some flashing clocks, indicating at least one power interruption while we were gone,

And the cuckoo clock had long since wound down,

But the house was still standing and the plants have never been so regularly watered.

We were away for eleven days. Did you notice I was gone?

Eleven days, eleven nights.

Five nights, all together, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Five nights, all together, in Broadview, Saskatchewan. One night in McGregor, Manitoba.

Let me recap:

We left home Monday, July 6, and drove to Saskatoon. Tuesday we drove to Prince Albert for the day, then back to Saskatoon for night. We spent Wednesday catching up with Saskatoon, and left Thursday for Broadview. We were in Broadview until the following Monday, when we drove over to McGregor. Tuesday we went to Winnipeg, then back to Broadview for the night. Wednesday, after lunch, we drove back up to Saskatoon. Thursday we caught our breath and spent one last day in Saskatoon. Friday earlier than morning we packed up and got to Prince Albert in time for 8:00 dental appointments. After lunch we headed for home.

I think this is why it's good to be home.

It was good to meet with many of our friends and relatives in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We even got to see Thomas for a few hours when he met us in McGregor.


I think I've had my fill of city traffic, sirens and heat and humidity for the summer.

I missed the frogs and the birds and watching the weather roll in across the fields.

Speaking of which... there are some rain clouds moving this way, thunder and lightening and all, so I should wrap this up and get ready to unplug in preparation of power surges....

But did I mention that it's good to be home?


  1. Welcome back, and yes, we did notice.

  2. Glad you're back home safe and sound...for sure!