Thursday, August 5, 2010

He's Catching Up

The cake is in the oven, and I'm just about to start the butterscotch frosting, which should be applied before the cake cools.

Then it's a quick trip to Camrose for some Birthday supper elements, and home again to make it.

It's a different, and maybe difficult Birthday for my old husband this year. Last year we were in Saskatoon, I think, at the beginning of our week off. This year it's just him and I. Me and him? We two.

Kids are scattered, families are in other provinces. He has always been about family birthdays. I orchestrated a surprise party for him once, and he wasn't super impressed.

Having a non-significant birthday (no "5"s or "0"s in the number) on a working day, with just your slightly older wife at home to celebrate it with could make it a non event.

And that's fine too.

But I like an excuse to break out the fun dishes and bake a cake.

And if it's just us we don't have to dress for dinner.

*cue the mischievious grin and the teasing twinkle in my eye.

Happy Birthday, Randall!

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