Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There'll Be None Of That Today, Then

Yesterday I had a brilliant idea.

I noticed that the Nanking Cherries are ripe for the picking, so I thought it would be a good idea to slather on the Watkins insect repellent before the morning shower today, and go pick cherries for an hour or so.

I wasn't sure if I'd do a thorough picking, as I still need to acquire/ purchase/ purloin a tall stock pot, so cooking them up into sauce or juice would be difficult, and if they're going to ripen they might as well do it on the tree as opposed to doing it squished in a bucket in the garage or root cellar.

But, pick I would. Maybe to keep the fruit bowl filled to nibble on. Or maybe to make a small batch of syrup for ice cream for dessert. However,

It is not to be.

Unless the wind picks up a whole lot.

Even with a generous coating of Watkins, I was pretty much swarmed by mosquitoes as soon as my little feet hit the grass. A few scouts were buzzing my head, past my ears, even before I'd gone very far down the gravel path.

I am amazed at the voracious mob of mosquitoes we have been stricken with this summer.

If God hadn't had a plan for teaching the Pharaoh a really good lesson, Moses could have had his people out after just one plague.

If it had been mosquitoes.


New plan?

Tidy the kitchen, straighten up the living room and wait a bit to see if the overhanging clouds will bring any wind with them yet. With a fierce wind I could at least make another attempt.

Otherwise, I'll be glad I haven't cleaned out the freezer and thrown away last year's fruit.

That might be all she wrote.


  1. Got a little wind around 11:30. Lasted about an hour before the little pecker heads started biting my back and the one spot on my foot that I missed. Got nearly a full ice cream pail, so I'll see what I can do with that today. Yeesh, they're nasty things though.

  2. You rock ! Seriously, such encounters with mossies and cherries are beyond my experience, but they are close enough to my encounters with incessant rain and voracious slugs to make me smile :)

    Peace on your bites and on your harvest !

  3. Putting your life on the line like that! I'm impressed.