Monday, September 20, 2010

And The Fun Begins

I wish we'd captured some of it on camera, because no one will believe the trail I just drove a quad over!

Last night we saw the most perfect double rainbow while we were canoeing on the Montreal River.

She's threatening to set me up in her kayak...but that might depend on how badly I beat her at Scrabble tonight...

The catering went really well. All the guys (it ended up being only 17 of the originally booked 24), were very enthusiastic about the meals. It might have been the drink talking, but I think we did a good job food-wise.

It's been nice to see where my sister is hanging her hat these days. Good to be able to see her in her new environment. And the environment is spectacular. This would be a lovely, lovely place to spend a summer. (for all you summer vacation resort types)

One more day and then I'm travelling again.

Once again it's been good to get away, but it will be good to get home.

I'll trade you half a field for a short length of river...


  1. what? you were driving a quad? and threatening to kayak? PICTURES!! Glad you're having a good time!

  2. So, uhhhhhh....does that mean you DIDN'T take your camera canoeing...double rainbow deserves some serious would you in a canoe, not to mention quad! Good grief, woman. From the kitchen to the canoe in one fell swoop! I am impressed!

  3. I didn't have my camera along in the canoe, more's the pity, but my sister took one of me all helmeted up on the quad. I'm sure Randall will do something with THAT when he downloads my pics later! Micah thought that maybe now I'd be motivated to add my voice to his requests for a quad of our own :)