Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Down, Two To Go

First day of feeding fishermen passed happily.

They seemed to be pleased with supper last night- the first meal we were responsible for.

And why not be pleased?! A crisp, fresh Caesar Salad to start, followed by a choice of Beef Minestrone or Ginger-Squash Soup, and Meaty Lasagna with home-made French Rolls (served with garlic or plain butter) for the main course. It was all topped off with a slice of chocolate or lemon square- delicious nutty shortbread based pudding & cream cheese & whipped cream layered perfection.

Now I'm pledged to be in the kitchen in 15 minutes to put the breakfast casseroles into the ovens that my sister just turned on.

In spite of today being a longer day (we're giving them breakfast & salads, buns & dessert to go with the steak they brought to barbeque for themselves for supper) it might prove to be an easier day as we did quite a bit of today's prep work yesterday.

And so I should be off.

Duty & the breakfast casseroles call.

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