Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So This Will Be Day Two

Of the two day relish.

It's doesn't say "Two Day Relish" on the recipe, but it's turned into that for  me.

Three, technically, if the hour spent the night before the first day counts. That's when I grated the green tomatoes.

So far, I've prepared the vegetables- grated some cucumbers, onions and the green tomatoes from the tomato plants outside (Yes, Linea, they did grow!), and finely diced the red & green peppers and the celery.

Today I merely need to cover the stuff with boiling water and leave it for an hour, then make the brine and cook it up. Hopefully I'll get the stuff in jars and get it processed in the canner before bed time, or it will turn into three day relish.

So what am I telling you about it for?! I should be boiling water and measuring vinegar!


I'm going.

And we're having steak tomorrow for supper.

Well, I'll  be having relish.  I'll just want something to go under it.

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