Saturday, August 28, 2010

Note To Self :

When washing quart jars, keep the snap lids out of the sink.

They fit EXACTLY in the drain and if one should slip to the bottom of the sink it will slide into the drain, covering the plug and becoming nearly impossible to get out.

Should you forget, and should another snap lid get stuck in the drain covering the plug, immediately skip to plan G.

Don't bother with the magnet tipped canning aid, the bottle opener, the kitchen knives, wine bottle suction thing, cork screw, or hammer and nail.

Go straight for the large screw, give it a couple of taps with the hammer, a couple of turns with the screw driver, and then pull the blasted lid out of the plug hole.

Don't curse the water for not draining. Remember that the sink is still plugged in.

I'm just saying.


  1. That happened to us when we hosted Christmas dinner a couple of years ago. We also ended up poking a hole in it to get it out of the sink. Now we know better :)

  2. Just curious if those tomatoes ever produced anything?

    I think it is best to trust those silly lids to the dishwasher!

  3. ...good to know...if I ever decide to can a jar. :)

    ...speaking of canning...are you interested in those crabapples?? They're yours if you want them.