Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles And I Would Walk Five Hundred More

Last day.

I wish we were in a Narnian type time warp, but there you go.

Home tomorrow.

Just finishing packing up the suitcases; in a few minutes we'll check out, drag the bags to the left luggage desk at the train station a few blocks away, and ramble away our last morning and afternoon in London.

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be in the air once more, landing an hour after we take off. At least the time change is in our favour this week.

I'm trying terribly hard to continue to live in the moment, but I must confess that my mind has been straying ahead for a few days already.


Off I shall go. To capture a few more autumn memories before meeting the harsh reality of another Canadian winter in The Field.


  1. I'm sorry you have to go back, but life seems to be full of doing the ordinary stuff to keep us going, rather than the fun stuff that we long for. I guess that if all we did was fun stuff then it would become the ordinary stuff, and lose much of it's appeal.

  2. Hope your last day is full of good moments and your flight home smooth. I'm afraid the re-entry is going to be cold though.

  3. See you soon...hope the reality of Alberta and home isn't too hard to handle. We have missed you.

  4. But just remember, this is a special Canadian winter!

  5. and best of all you get to see me right after you get back! what could be better than me? not much i know. have a safe trip, i'll see you on friday.

  6. Welcome back to reality!