Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Oh My... Where Has The Time Gone!

It's been about a week since I wrote anything here.

Hard to believe.

As the days have passed, I've had blog post titles sliding through my brain, but I've just not been successful at getting myself to the dashboard to capture them for you.

It's been a full week; feels like we've jumped in with both feet and hit the ground running. that even possible?... if I jumped in with both feet and hit the ground running, I'd land on my head for sure.

The "jet lag" has been less noticeable this week than it was our first week in England, but pretty much by 7:00 pm my eyes are burning and bugging out of my head, and I'm feeling like it should be bedtime. I've been sleeping well, though, and since I generally wake up at at least once in the middle of the night (even before we went away!), my 1:30 am viewing of the alarm clock doesn't fill me with dread, and I've been able to fall asleep again.

Mornings have begun a little earlier than they did pre-England, but that's not a bad thing.

It's been, generally, a good week. Besides the early fasting blood work I sent myself to town for the first morning we were home, it's been nicely relaxed and routine.

Why did I feel the need to go for fasting blood work the morning after the 24 hour day that included 10 hours on an airplane?

It's a long story, which began in June when I saw the doctor for my last blood test results and forgot to get my prescription renewed. A 200 day prescription, issued by another doctor (mine being away for a month by the time I realized my oversight and remembered to try to remedy it) was read as a 200 tablet prescription, so instead of being covered until the end of November when I was to get my next blood work done, I ended up (after having the pharmacist correct the error... almost...) with Metformin until the middle of November. Next Monday was the closest appointment I could get, so I thought I should get the blood work done as soon as we got home to give at least 6 working days for the results to get back.

Meh. Me and my infirmities.

It's been a good week. Did I say that already? Hillary's been here for her Reading Week and that's been fun, in spite of  the two games of Canasta I've lost so far. Tomorrow we're going on a road trip and I'm looking forward to that. Even if it IS only to Camrose.

I survived the pre-teen Bible study this afternoon, in spite of having to explain pornography. I've also developed a good line drying strategy. I think cold air, autumn dried towels are much more fresh smelling than hot air, summer dried ones, although they smell good too. Next week we have to look into a new clothes dryer, but I'm not promising to use it all the time.

Have I told you that I'm going to be a Grandma in the new year? Thank you for assuming it's my married daughter who's expecting. It is. End of February! I'm very excited for them. For us too.

I'm sure that's enough for tonight. Does it make up for not writing all week?

Today is pretty much done, so I'll bid you adieu and get ready for bed.



  1. Explaining pornography to the pre-teen bible study ??!!

  2. I suspected that THAT out of all my rambling, would garner the most attention!

    The lesson was "Temptation", wherein we explored the temptation of Christ by Satan, and talked about middle school temptations and how, with Jesus' help we can overcome them. Pornography was on the list of things they might be tempted by. Someone asked what that was. I told them. Reintegration with a vengeance :)

  3. And I rose to the bait ! I own up to wondering if you might a) have been using visual aids b) had to explain something lying around your home...

    But obviously, it was good to hear of everything else in your post as well...x

  4. That reminded me of when I was a "Pastor in training" and the senior pastor and I were teaching a baptism/discipleship class to 13 and 14 year old mennonite kids. We were in the Old Testament and it was some passage referencing circumcision and a girl put up her hand and asked what circumcision was.

    That stopped the old pastor short and he was quiet for a moment, then he looked at me and said, "Let's let pastor Randall handle that one shall we?"