Sunday, December 19, 2010

Okay. I'll Stop Now

Randall has actually been very patient with me, as far as baking goes.

Open House is tomorrow.

(2:00-9:00 pm... in The Field... Township Road 442 and Secondary Highway 822... on the corner, just behind the church...)

I thought we should keep it simple this year.

Call it "Cookies and Cider", I said, so Cookies and Cider it is.

My problem is that I do have a tendency to take a simple thing and complicate it somewhat.

But I'm done now. I won't bake any more cookies.


The shortbread, sugar cookies, gingersnaps, chocolate oat drops, gumdrop cookies, chocolate chip, chocolate Reece's pieces, raisin oatmeal, GF Christmas lemon sugar cookies and snickerdoodles should do it...

Tomorrow morning I'll do a general inspection and put away whatever Christmas decorations didn't get put up, and wait for the crowds of cookie lovers.

For real- if you're at a loose end and you want to drop in, we'd love to see you. First come, first served as far as the extra beds go. The cider will be hot, the Cheesy-Salsa Dip will be dippy and I probably have at least one of your favourite kinds of cookies for you.

Let Christmas Week begin!


  1. Enjoy the " cookies of your labor" which are the visits you will have at your open house. Never thought of Monday for an Open House! Ours is next Sunday and perhaps will be a little different this year as I am running out of hours to bake... Fruits and veggies are looking good to me....

  2. shoot! totally forgot to eat one of the snowflakes with icing! yum!! :)