Saturday, December 18, 2010

There's A Kinda Hush

All over the field this morning.

Men and boyz are sleeping, and it seems a little unfair that I am not.

It's not their fault. Neither the bad night nor the earlier awakening.

I expect Randall went to sleep thinking that my sickness is much worse, whereas in reality it is better to the point of dry throat tickles. The mucus is, thankfully, in the drying up stage, but it leaves my throat vulnerable to an irritating dry cough.

Consequently, sleep was restless and disturbed.

I've been up for just over an hour now, & I suspect I will stay up and work on finishing the Christmas baking. I can have a nap when I get the Klutzes and start dropping things and burning cookies.

Maybe Randall's church committee meeting this morning will even get some cinnamon buns.

Stranger things have happened.

1 comment:

  1. I was up early too, one batch of lucia buns completed and they will go to the church brunch tomorrow. a few more batches to look forward to before the open house on the 26th. taking a break and doing a few cards...
    yes.. I am late with all things this year..