Sunday, December 12, 2010

What's New, You Ask?

I guess it's been a few days since I've been writing...

Let's chalk it up to a long, depressive bout of PMS and move on from there.

The last week and a half have been busy. Mostly baking-busy, and trying to get ready for Christmas busy, and knitting baby things busy and executing Women's Ministries Prayer Sister Gift Exchange parties busy, and getting ready for MOPS and Open House busy.

The next week and a half promise to be very busy as well, but all the fussy Christmas cookies for Open House have been baked and safely stored in the freezer, and MOPS is well under way and will be over by Thursday afternoon.

The Christmas tree is up and decorated, but the rest of the decorating has yet to be spread festively throughout the house.

Two of the spare beds are ready for occupation, but there are still three to get set up for the Christmas company.

I guess this is just a little "I'm still around, and although most days there's a feeling of just hanging on by my teeth for the ride, I'm alright" post.

And I will be alright.

In spite of the full calendar and the looming deadlines and the long list of things I want to finish before we sit down to Christmas dinner together, I feel fairly calm. There's a peaceful sense of  "que sera, sera"; what gets done, gets done. What doesn't, won't be missed.

Unless that's just the numbness and fatigue talking...

I'll start planning next Christmas in January.

I think that's what I said last year...

Ah, yes.

More hot lemon tea it is.

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  1. Hi...can't say I've missed your blogging cuz I haven't checked in 'til today...but I have missed you. Been prayin' for you though, even if I've been out of the loop.

    Keep your peace, stop and breath, drink your tea, smell the roses or the fresh snowy air...que sera sera is for sure the best approach.

    Lovin' you from across the field and down the road.